Moroccan portraits

A series of portraits of the people we met along our journey in Morocco. The decision of making posed portraits and not "stolen" reportage photographies is due to the fact that prior to that moment there has been a human and cultural exchange between us and them and posed photography is the result of this complicity among human beings, good memories for all of us and for the good time spent together. At our return in Italy we have been overwhelmed by the news of terrorist attacks done by islamic extremists and I noticed that people faced the issue in such a superficial way, just as I used to do before this trip. We wanted to specify that MUSLIM is not equal to TERRORIST as Italian or Cristian are not synonym of "mafioso". For this reason we decided to show you the faces of those Muslim people that hosted us, welcomed and treated us with love despite we belonged to a different religion (or we didn't belong to any at all), different nationality with different skin color and were completely unknown people. This is a project that we hope will make people stay and think, respect before overgeneralizing and do not judge before having first seen and met the other.

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